Best Automatic Pet Treat Dispenser For Dogs & Cats Reviews

automatic dog treat dispenser

Ever wonder what your dog does when you’re not home?

Genuinely new to the market, treat dispenser cameras are furnishing dog proprietors with approaches to connect and see their pets when they are away from home. The immense advantage is clearly dog proprietors can be consoled that their dogs are not in trouble.

Be that as it may, there might be different advantages, as well. The gadgets may be utilized as a feature of a partition uneasiness treatment program. Likewise, they may improve nature only somewhat more when you are out. See the advantages of natural advancement here for all dogs including forceful dogs.

We investigated the highlights and advantages of what we consider are the five best camera treat dispensers for dogs available as of composing. Note that these are not “smart feeders” which automatically feed dinners, nor are they straight forward security cams (which you can see the assortments of security camera systems currently selling on Amazon).

What Is An Automatic Treat Dispenser?

It is in every case great to compensate your pet in the event that they have accomplished something great as it will urge them to do it once more. However, for many pet proprietors who don’t invest a ton of energy at home, it is preposterous. That is the reason individuals have concocted treat dispensers that accomplish such things automatically, regardless of whether you aren’t at home. They, for the most part, work through the application that you need to download on your smartphone. That way you can timetable treats or give them physically to your pet regardless of where you are.

Extra Camera Feature

Treat dispensers normally arrive in a blend with a pet camera that enables you to see your pet. That way you know whether they accomplished something great and you can remunerate them for it. The camera highlight is additionally great as it encourages your pet to feel your essence and feel less forlorn. Some have the component of two-way video talk, snapping photographs and recordings you can observe later.

automatic dog feeder

Prerequisites For Such Product

At the point when you purchase the automatic treat dispenser, you should ensure that your telephone underpins the application that it accompanies. Likewise, you will, for the most part, need a 2.4GHz WiFi association and a power source to keep your treat dispenser connected. Some are intended for dogs, some for cats, however, most can be utilized for both. Nonetheless, it is in every case great to check before you purchase the item.

Audit Criteria

You can get overpowered with the assortment of items available so it considers how you will utilize it. On the off chance that you simply need to perceive what your dog is up to when you are out, a security camera may be best for you. In the event that you have to sustain your dog dinner for an intermittent night when you are out, a “smart feeder” may be ideal.

For our motivations, we looked into the treat dispensers with these principle inquiries to be tended to:

  • Would they be able to be utilized to help conduct modification for animosity or division tension?
  • Could the treat dispensers give some novel natural enhancement to while your dog is distant from everyone else?
  • Would they be able to be utilized such that help lighten stress for dog proprietors while they’re out?

Our top contemplations were those gadgets that enabled you to:

  • Give a dog a treat when you chose
  • Make some sort of commotion to draw in your dog (voice was perfect)
  • See and hear what your dog is doing
  • In spite of the fact that these change after some time, nature of client audits from genuine purchasers (we utilized Amazon’s checked buys for this investigation)
  • Cost – likewise changes after some time as items may be limited

Note: It might be conceivable to get free sending for these through Amazon in the event that you are in the US.

Most Popular Automatic Cat And Automatic Dog Treat Dispensers

Automatic Pet Treat Dispenser

With that said, we found the top five treat dispencing cameras that have been rated well by verified buyers.

  • PetChatz
  • Furbo
  • Petzi
  • Pawbo
  • Petcube

PetChatz Dog Camera:

PetChatz’s capacity to monitor your dog over a PC was an extreme one to surrender. Gushing video over your telephone can rapidly bite up information.

PetChatz will send cautions with it’s movement and sound detecting abilities.

PetChatz can convey the most treats (100) over the various ones (best for conduct modification)

Scent dispenser which can possibly help loosen up your dog

PetChatz Dog Camera

The accompanying highlights made the PetChatz the most attractive for the accompanying reasons:


  • You can see the video in a program
  • Can convey the best number of treats contrasted with the others
  • Has a movement finder up to eight feet before the camera
  • Sound location
  • Two way sound and video
  • Fragrance dispenser (more on that underneath)


  • Smaller field of view contrasted with the others
  • Expects you to utilize their treats or you hazard voiding the guarantee (in spite of the fact that are great treats)
  • No night vision (could simply utilize a movement actuated LED or light in any case)

You can see the video in a program.

PetChatz can be sued both with a cell phone on a PC. In any case, PetChatz’s capacity to monitor your dog over a PC was an intense one to surrender. While every one of them has applications for smart telephones enabling you to monitor your dog from anyplace you have your telephone, any sort of gushing video will gobble up information quicker than practically some other sort of media. Having the option to associate in on a work area from work was genuine in addition to our eyes! Obviously, in the event that you can interface through wifi with your telephone secured, at that point, this isn’t such a significant issue.

PetChatz can convey the best number of treats when contrasted with the other treat dispensers

We felt it had the most capable of all the others in light of the ability to convey up to 100 treats and they can apportion each in turn. Fast and incessant conveyance of nipples can be valuable in conduct modification. On the off chance that your dog experiences partition uneasiness it tends to be conceivable to prepare your dog to partner getting a treat when you move away from the person in question, and in the end, leave the space for instance (more on that beneath).

Tragically, you can just utilize the treats they supply or you void the guarantee. Anyway, the treats fixings look sound and contain no grain, corn, wheat, soy and have no additional fat, counterfeit flavors or bi-items.

PetChatz’s aroma dispenser

This was not something we were searching for in a treat dispenser. In any case, was this something that could have some advantage? We investigated.

PetChatz utilizes a weakened type of basic oils (recall that dogs smelling capacities are far more noteworthy than our own). The fixings are Jojoba, Marjoram, Orange, Lavender, Petitgrain, Vetiver, Chamomile Roman basic oils.

Research proposes that particular sorts of olfactory incitement, for example, the utilization of lavender can help support all the more loosening up conduct.

PetChatz Pe CameraPetChatz has a movement sensor that can recognize movement up to eight feet of the gadget

Another in addition to was that PetChatz will send cautions with it’s movement and sound detecting abilities. There are a few impediments on these, since the movement sensor faculties at around 8 feet from the gadget at about a point of 54 degrees. In any case, it will send cautions to you and this enables you to communicate when the dog is moving near and close by.

It likewise has sound detecting abilities so you will know whether your dog is woofing. This can be useful for conduct modification utilizing Classical Conditioning if your dog gets enacted by individuals moving toward the entryway or strolling by windows.

PetChatz can convey the most treats (100) over the various ones, so this makes the PetChatz stand apart for this sort of conduct modification. It would necessitate that you are fixed on the application more often than not, notwithstanding, and that just may not be functional. When you get an alarm, you probably won’t have the option to convey the nipple rapidly enough. In any case, in the event that you pre-prepared your dog, it’s conceivable that your dog will figure out how to envision the treatment regardless of whether there is a slight postponement.

For detachment uneasiness

Any treat administering gadget that enables you to treat your dog when you pick, and one that can see and hear your dog (this standards out Petzi for its single direction sound capacities) can be utilized to help treat partition tension when done appropriately.

Remember this is a procedure done in gradual steps. For instance, you move away just a couple of steps, and after that give a treat, return. Move away somewhat more, convey a treat, return. Rehash until out of the room, continue expanding the time, etc.

The upside of the camera and having the option to hear your dog is you know whether your dog is really remaining quiet or not.

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing

The automatic treat dispenser model is by the brand Furbo. This item was structured as an auto dog treat dispenser. The item enables you to perceive what your pet is doing consistently and remunerate them for acting great. It is an extraordinary expansion for every one of the individuals that work a great deal and can’t invest a ton of energy with their dearest pets.

Furbo dog camera


  • 120° wide-point see
  • Woofing Alert: Delivers pop-up messages to your smartphone when your dog’s bark
  • Video recording
  • Can utilize your very own treats
  • Great client assistance
  • Great sound
  • Night vision


  • No work area capacities
  • Doesn’t divider mount effectively
  • Like every one of them, they can stick once in a while. May rely upon the sort of treatment utilized.

The item accompanies a free Furbo application that can be utilized for iOS and Android systems. One of the most extraordinary highlights that accompany this item is the capacity to hurl the treat to your pet. That way your pet can get their preferred treat while playing catch. The camera that accompanies this dog treat automatic dispenser is a full HD one and has the night vision highlight. You will have the option to live stream a video and screen your pet with a 160° wide-point see. It likewise can zoom in multiple times.

You will get a notification on your telephone when your dog is woofing. That way, you can utilize the application to converse with them and quiet them down. The gear you have to have is a USB line to connect the item to an electrical plug and a steady Wi-Fi association. On the off chance that your dog is confronting the camera, you will get the notifications on your telephone, so you can take a couple of selfies of your pet. There is likewise an element called doggie journal which enables you to see the features of your dog’s day in 60 seconds time. You can download it on your telephone and spare it as a memory with this smart feeder. 

Petzi Treat Cam: Wi-Fi Pet Camera And Treat Dispenser

It is really a pet camera and a treat dispenser that works with Wi-Fi. With this item, it will be excessively simple for you to perceive what your pet is doing and compensate them with a treat on the off chance that they accomplished something great. One of the significant advantages is that you can do it over your telephone regardless of where you are!

Petzi dog camera

The application for this automatic pet treat dispenser can be downloaded for nothing on your Android or iPhone gadget. The application likewise enables you to address your pet and to snap a photo and quickly share it on your web-based life accounts. The speaker offers top-notch sound so your pet will feel like you are in life with them.


  • Cost
  • Up to 60 treat apportioned (not exactly PetChatz, however superior to the others)
  • Night vision
  • Would we be able to divider mounted
  • Treats are hurled which can be useful for numerous dogs


  • One way sound in particular – Can’t hear your dog
  • No video recording
  • No work area abilities yet
  • Nature of the camera is accounted for to not be comparable to the others
  • Like others might be inclined to sticking every so often
  • Discharges treats on the floor, can be untidy
  • Just a specific size treats

Another advantage is the wide-point camera that has a decent night vision and will enable you to get the ideal perspective on your pet. You will likewise get the mounting unit that enables you to fit the camera anyplace in your home. You can utilize the treat launcher with practically any crunchy, little treat. The significant thing to remember is that it must not be greater than a quarter or it may stall out in the pet feeder.

In the event that you will in general stress over your dog and need to connect with them, this is most likely not the treat dispenser for you. Then again in the event that you just need to give treats to your dog every now and then and would prefer not to fork out the significant expense forward PetChatz, Petzi offers the upside of giving up to 60 treats through the span of the day.

Pawbo Life Pet Camera Treat Dispenser and Laser Game

It may be better for those concentrated on assuaging fatigue for their pet than everything else, accepting the laser toy works for your dog the manner in which you need it to. It is a model that consolidates a pet camera. Treat dispenser and a laser game. It is excessively advantageous for pet proprietors who work a great deal, yet at the same time, they need to be engaged with their pet’s lives.


pawbo cat camera

There is a Pawbo application which is reasonable for iOS 6 models or above or Android 4 or higher. You can utilize it anyplace there are 2.4GHz availability and switch with WPA2-AES encryption. You will likewise get the 130-degree wide point focal point with 720p HD and 4x computerized zoom. By utilizing the two way-talk you will have the option to video visit with your pets through your telephone. You can likewise record a video which you would then be able to store on your telephone, and re-observe later. Because of the camera on this smart feeder, you will have the option to snap a shot and promptly share them on your web-based life accounts in the event that you need to.


  • Two way sound
  • Video recording
  • Cost
  • Would we be able to divider mounted
  • Laser toy
  • Wide point of view (110° degrees)


  • Just 9 little treats can be administered
  • Sound quality isn’t extraordinary

One of the exceptional highlights for this model is the laser spot pursuing a game which is extraordinary for pets who are perky, particularly cats. It additionally enables you to play and communicate with your pet from separation.

Pawbo pet camera

A few dogs become fixated by lasers and a few dogs disregard lasers so you’ll have to decide whether this is something beneficial for your dog. In the event that they like it and don’t get to baffled attempting to discover it after it stops, it increases a point on ecological improvement since it offers more than one approach to connect with your dog.

You can set the laser game automatically or you can do it physically. You can likewise compensate your pet for their great conduct with certain treats, utilizing the treat dispenser. With this model, you will likewise get the 100~240v AC control connector and a speedy guide with the majority of the directions on the best way to utilize it.

Petcube Bites Pet Camera with Treat Dispenser (Automatic Pet Treat Dispenser For Bigger Dogs)

Another item we need to make reference to in this article is the pet camera and treat dispenser by the brand PetCube. This is a mainstream model that offers treats to your pet when you aren’t around to give them yourself. All you will need is a 2.4GHz WiFi, iOS 9.3 and higher or Android 5.1 and higher.

ppetcube camera and treats

There is an application that accompanies this automatic pet treat dispenser that enables you to treat your dog from a separation or to plan the ideal opportunity for treats. You can utilize it for dry or crunchy treats and it is appropriate for cats and little dogs. The limit it accompanies is 2 lb and there is a pack of wellbeing dog treats previously included. There is the capacity to pick the number of treats you feed your pet to have and keep them from having excessively. The application will advise you when the nourishment levels are getting low, and it will automatically reorder them for you.

Petcube dispencer

This auto pet feeder likewise accompanies a WiFi pet cam that enables you to get an exceptionally clear 1080p HD video with the 138° wide-edge see, both at daytime and evening time. You will likewise have the option to get a nearby of your pet with the 3x zoom highlight. There is likewise the capacity to get sound and movement alarms on your telephone, to know whether something is going on with your pet. You can associate the application with 6 cameras and see them all simultaneously. That way you can perceive what your pet is up to regardless of which room they are in.

Another extraordinary element of this pet food dispenser is the two-way sound that enables you to address your pet. It likewise takes into account them to hear you and to bark or whimper back at you. That way your pet can feel your essence, regardless of where you are. On the off chance that you need you can likewise replay the most recent 4 hours and see what your pet has been doing. The recordings can be uninhibitedly put away on a cloud or downloaded straightforwardly on your telephone.


  • Appropriate for cats and dogs
  • Accompanies camera a sound
  • Interface up to 6 cameras


  • Or maybe massive structure

Buying Considerations

Before you purchase a treat dispenser camera for your dog, you should think about these choices with respect to your very own needs:

  • Edge of view (the more extensive point, the more you’ll see)
  • Is your dog liable to bite through lines?
  • Number of treats to administer at once or through the span of a day?
  • Does your dog require an extraordinary eating regimen?
  • Preparing your dog to like the gadget
  • How significant is it that you hear your dog?
  • Video recording to demonstrate a coach or behaviorist or to screen run of the mill conduct after some time
  • Cost

Preparing your dog to like whatever gadget you pick

You may believe that your dog is going to like anything to shoots out nourishment, yet you might be caught off guard for the likelihood that the sound and its conduct may cause doubt and even dread in certain dogs. So ensure you appropriately set up your dog and help them get settled with it first.

pet cam that gives treatsTop it off with treats and enable your dog to research it before utilizing it.

These treat dispensers will make sound. Allow your dog to adjust to both the sound of the treat apportioning and any tones or sound your voice makes through the gadget.

First consider making the sound as least compromising as could be expected under the circumstances, by utilizing the dispenser when your dog is generally far away from it, (for instance in another room). At the point when the dog hears the sound, demonstration upbeat and offer your dog a treat – in a perfect world a marginally less attractive treat than the person will get from the dispenser itself.

In the event that your dog is ls touchy, essentially utilizing it will you are here and remunerating them quickly might be all that your dog needs.

Utilize a positive playful voice when you hear it. We need your dog to think you believe it’s incredible. They frequently submit their general direction to you.

Similarly, as with all dog preparing, slow progressive advances are the key. A little bit at a time enables your dog to become acclimated to the sound and as they do get somewhat nearer. On the off chance that the individual in question is worried, don’t surge them. Before you know it, your dog will anticipate the sounds implies the appearance of treats!

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